Crumbling Basements

We provide high quality concrete flat work for basement and garage floors.

The process of installing flat work inside homes is a specialty trade and has been performed by Johnson Masonry in Putman, CT for years.    We work with General Contractors, Home Builders, Foundation Firms and architects to install flooring that exceeds clients expectations.   


Not all concrete floors are the done the same.    We spend the time to install a level compacted base of gravel with proper drainage and sump pits if necessary.   In addition we install code required Radon barrier fabric and air vents to allow the release of dangerous radon gases from your basement and home.


Then to provide a layer of protection we lay foam core on top of the gravel before pouring the concrete.   All our concrete is specifically delivered to our specifications for proper pouring and leveling.     We then level and screen your floors resulting in a  dry and clean basement ready for flooring or just as is.    And depending on your requirements we can also add in-floor electric heating systems in the entire basement or just bath or finished areas.

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We will work with most Approved Contractors on the CT Basement Solutions Indemnity Company to sub contract and provide your basement and garage floors.