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Areal Tree Removal

When trees are close to home, power lines or streets the best and safest way to remove them is by an aerial lift or crane.   This way the cutter can be safe and you can remove branches and parts of the tree piece-by piece.   Then using ropes and pullies we can safely lower the branches and trunk to the ground safely.     We also use cranes for complex removals on residential properties - especially when there are multiple trees that need cutting or removal.  

Stump Grinding

If you need stumps ground below the soil for planting grass or flowers we have the right team and equipment for the job.   We have large professional stump grinders that go well beyond the box store rental units.  If you have large stumps, hardwood or multiple stumps we got you  covered.   Stump grinding can be hazardous so please let the pro's at Elite Tree help you get it done right.  

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