Stamped Concrete

At Johnson Masonry we do a lot of stamped concrete. It is a highly specialized application that takes experience to produce great results.


The advantages of stamped architectural concrete over traditional pavers or other materials for driveway and patio applications are significant. The end result is a surface that is beautiful, durable, and requires little if any maintenance. Choose from a wide range of surface patterns and molds to give your home a truly custom look that perfectly matches your home.

Learn more about the details of Stamped Concrete at The Concrete Network.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete

  • Quick Installation

  • Stamped concrete is permanent

  • Handles excess water better than pavers

  • More effective and durable, especially on slopes

  • No retainer curb necessary, as required on most paver applications

  • Unlimited selection of colors

  • Many unique patterns and shapes

  • Less maintenance required

  • No weeds or vegetation in joints

  • High-flex structural strength

Some of our Stamped Concrete Jobs

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stamped concrete